Jesus sacrificed himself so all of us could discover a LIFE that's abundant and free. But that doesn't happen in isolation. The Bible teaches that our spiritual growth happens best through relationships. At Christ Community, we grow in Community Groups. Come join us. The summer Community Group semester will start on June 3.

Why should I join a Community Group?
We believe in the power of community groups to impact your life, the lives of those around you, and even our community as a whole. We believe you can only go so far on your own— God designed us to be connected to each other so that we can continue to grow in every facet of our lives.
When can I join a group?
The best time to join a group is in the weeks leading up to a new semester; however, the Community Group Finder stays open for the duration of each semester to allow access to groups anytime a semester is underway.
How do I lead a Community Group of my own?
It's easy! Just sign up for the next Community Group leader training on the CCC App to get started.
What types of groups are there?
The main categories for groups are Marriage & Family, Women’s, Men’s, Student's, Young Adult's, Financial, Outreach and Prayer. The categories 
beneath those are broken down by location, meeting day and time, and curriculum.
Still have questions?


The group finder is currently closed. Expect it to open in the next few weeks as we get ready for the next round of Community Groups starting on June 3.