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Day 5

There is a story of a young girl that lived in a two story house with her grandmother. The girl stayed in the upstairs bedroom, since it was hard for her grandmother to navigate the staircase. The two didn't seem to have a care in the world, and then the unthinkable happened. While the grandmother and little girl were sleeping, faulty wiring sparked a blaze, that soon had the house engulfed in flames. By the time the girl awoke the fire had consumed the stairwell and she ran to the window crying for help. A crowd that had gathered around outside watched in horror. The fire department had been called but they were ten minutes away. Everyone feared the worst when they saw the girl vanish from the window into the billowing smoke. At that very moment a man appeared carrying a ladder. He placed the ladder against the house and started up through the flames. When he reached her window he disappeared into the house. The crowd watched on, desperately praying he would be able to find the girl. Suddenly he appeared with the girl wrapped in a blanket and fought his way through the fire and down the ladder to safety. The crowd rushed to take the girl from the man's arms and carry her to the paramedics that had just arrived. Sadly the girls grandmother did not survive. In the aftermath of the fire, no one could find the gentleman that had rescued the girl, and his identity remained a mystery. After several weeks the town called a special meeting to discuss the fate of the girl. She had no family and had experienced such a tragic loss they knew it would be too much for her to be shuttled off into foster care, so it was agreed that someone in the community would adopt her. The question of who was to be decided at the meeting that night. Each person was given an opportunity to share their thoughts concerning the child. One of the men that owned a farm in the country side stood up and said, "If she comes to live with me, she will be raised in a good healthy environment surrounded with fresh air." Then a well respected teacher in the community spoke up and said, "If I take her, she will be sure to receive a proper education." After that, the wealthiest man in the county stood up and declared, " If I adopt her, she will be assured of all those things and more." As everyone spoke of the little girls fate, she sat in the front of the room with her head bowed to the floor not making a sound, as a matter of fact, she had barely talked at all since the night of the fire. Suddenly the back door of the auditorium opened and everyone gasp as a gentlemen made his way to the front of the building where the little girl was seated. He didn't say a word as he reached for the girl, with arms that were horribly scarred from burns. Immediately the girls face beamed with a smile as she leaped into the mans arms and exclaimed I knew you would come!

The meeting was adjourned, for the decision had been made. Who was better qualified to care for and love the girl, than the man who had been willing to lay down his life to save hers?

Can you relate to her story? Trapped, alone and without hope, until He came!

And because He came, we can live again, hope again, and dream again!

Every scar tells a story, and His scars are the greatest Love Story ever told!

....For He Himself has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say:“ The Lord is my helper; I will not fear.... Hebrews 13:5-6

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