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Day 2 - Tune In

READ Proverbs 2

Just like the radio offers us plenty of options for music, the world also gives us options for what we can listen to. We're all hearing from somewhere.

As young people, we can tune our ears into what our friends are saying or what the media is portraying, or we can choose to tune our ears into the wisdom of God.

“Tune your ears to wisdom, and concentrate on understanding.” Proverbs 2:2

We each have a choice what we listen to and concentrate on. There will be many other noises and voices which will crowd the airwaves of our lives, but we must choose to listen to the wisdom of God, which is revealed in the Word of God (The Bible!). Only the wisdom of God will lead us on the path of life and righteousness (Proverbs 2:19-20).

What are your ears tuned in to…the world? The opinions of your friends? Social media? Or the wisdom of God?

PRAY that the Lord would help you tune your ears to His wisdom and see things the way that he does.

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